FLOSS IS BOSS (arisingstarlet) wrote in aspiring_stars,

Want to be in the Grammys!

Hey guys, I work at Filmaka and thought you would be interested in this new competition. Filmaka is funding all the productions and the winners could be shown in part during the Grammy Awards! We have several songs that we've already cleared the rights to, which are posted on the competition page. All you have to do is write a 2 to 5 page pitch telling us the story and look of what your music video would be like. If we select your pitch, we'll give you $7500 to produce and direct your music video. If you have an idea for a great script, but not much directing experience, we can pair you with an experienced director who will bring your pitch to life.

PITCHES ARE DUE BY MIDNIGHT ON JANUARY 2, 2009. Go to Filmaka.com and look for the box about the Lincoln Grammy competition for more information. I hope you'll decide to submit!
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cool I will pass this on to some friends who will probbaly be interested,.