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Friday, February 4th, 2011
5:13 pm
Two casting calls for theatre projects (Devon, UK)
Sadly, shows arent paid, but as you will see there are other perks. We are an award winning, non-profit community theatre company specialising in shows with a historical theme, based in South West England. If you are interested in either show, you can message me here on Livejournal (I am the secretary for the group), or visit our website and facebook links. People need to be locally based to the shows, so think the South of Devon. 
If you will be on holiday in the area though, and would like to join in, as these are fast-turn-around shows, you are still totally welcome to get involved!

Feel free to share the information, but please include ALL the information if you do. :)
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Monday, January 10th, 2011
3:52 pm
Because I am at home and not well, I am using this time to post up various things online!

This one, isnt aimed at anyone *on here*, but is a general "vent", and  something that I think is important to say to people wanting to get into acting, from the point of view of someone who varyingly performs, and is on the admin end.

It has been my invariable experience that when I put out a public casting notice, the vast majority of responders turn out to be time wasters - which not only wastes my time digging through applications that cant be considered, but the time of the people applying. It also makes the responders appear shockingly unprofessional!

Let me explain. Say I put out a casting notice for male actors to play medieval knights in an upcoming production. Because our theatre company is a small regional one, and rehearsals need to be attended, I will also mention that we can only consider applications from a certain area. If there are listing menu preferences as well, I select the relevant options on those too.

So, given that set of specifications, the majority of applications that I recieve are from people at the minimum the other side of the country if not abroad, and having specified male actors I will get a lot of female applications (and if I advertise for female cast, I get men apply for it!). People state that they cannot possibly attend rehearsals but are desparate to be in the show. Or after I have clearly stated that this is a stage show, they write a whole page in txt-spk on why they are the ideal casting choice for my "movie".

And then often they email me later, upset that they were not selected....

If I am looking at online casting notices for myself, I read the requirements posted. If I dont fit the bill, I move on to the next. I dont apply for things that I would in no way fit the bill for.

Please, people, make yourselves appear professional however big or small the role you are applying for. Apply for things you can be suited for, not for things you arent. Dont waste your time and other peoples.
Thursday, November 4th, 2010
11:19 am
Make sure to visit the Actors Corner on AboutHollywood.com
Quickly becoming the Internet's most in-depth and detailed guide to Hollywood real estate, Hollywood dining, the LA area music and movie industry, Hollywood nightlife, and much more is now available through the innovative website AboutHollywood™. The web's premier resource for information on and about the City of the Stars, AboutHollywood.com was specifically designed for those who live, work and visit Hollywood.

A wealth of elemental information is readily available for actors and musicians at AboutHollywood™. The website's exclusive 'Actors' Corner' and 'Music Business' sections are positively bursting with informative and original stories, tips to help nail an audition, steps to a great headshot, articles on how to copyright music, performing rights organizations, and other advice. Artists and actors can network, connect, share stories, and post questions on a variety of blogs which include 'music business,' 'musicians,' 'motion picture & tv industry,' and 'actors' forums.

Created, designed and developed by Hollywood and LA area residents, AboutHollywood™ has the goal to become the Internet's number one resource of information about Hollywood. Tailored to those who already live in the community, AboutHollywood.com is quickly becoming the most in-depth, detailed guide to Hollywood dining, nightlife, businesses, community activities, Hollywood real estate, the music and movie industries, and much more. For families and individuals looking to move into the area, AboutHollywood™ offers a plethora of knowledge to help get settled and adjusted to life in Hollywood.
Friday, October 29th, 2010
2:37 pm
CASTING CALL (Torbay, England) with award winning community theatre company.

Show:  The Barbary Pirates
Group: The South Devon Players (website    Facebook group)

Performances between April and August 2011 in the South Devon area. Including national theatre competition entry.

Performers required
We are looking for RELIABLE male and female performers to play pirates, convicts and bellydancers. You need to be aged 16 -116, live locally to be able to attend weekly rehearsals and workshops (Wednesdays 7.30 - 9pm) in Brixham. Free training in bellydance and/or stage combat included. Experience not required, but enthusiasm, regular attendance and effort are a must. Re-casting several roles due to timewasters. The project isnt paid but lots of free dance and combat training, with photographs, and references upon request, for future drama/ theatre studies all provided upon succesful completion of the "run".

About show...
Based on historical accounts, this story is of a group of Devon fisher-folk taken prisoner by a fleet of Barbary Corsairs, and their subsequent adventures.
Rehearsals are currently underway, applicants will be asked to join us at rehearsal and workshops for an evening, and if successful to attend from there on.

To be considered
You can contact me directly here, or through the website or facebook group as listed above.
Sunday, June 27th, 2010
7:49 pm
Disney open casting call for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides in Los Angeles

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Open Casting Calls

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides open casting calls in Los Angeles
Promo Photo: The Walt Disney Company

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides will be shooting in Los Angeles, CA in August, 2010. The extras casting directors are holding open casting calls to hire photo doubles for the starring and supporting actors as well as extras to appear in the film as pirates.

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010
12:05 pm
Casting call - actor wanted to play the role of Prince William Of Orange, with the South Devon Players.

William is physically slim, with a strength of personality that belies his
appearance, regal but down to earth at the same time.

Historically based stage play by a non-profit community theatre company based in Brixham (Devon, England), telling the intertwined stories of several local historical characters.

Applicants must live in the Torbay / south Devon area to be able to attend rehearsals weekly in Brixham (currently on a Wednesday evening, and closer to the performance time some sunday afternoons as well). Previous experience is not required, though reliability, and willingness to work in a close knit team are vital.

Please contact us immediatly, if you are interested, as this is an urgent casting. You will be asked to attend a rehearsal and read the part along with the cast.
The play will be performed around South Devon during the first half/ mid September 2010. Evenings.

Please email me on bardic_dreams@yahoo.co.uk.

You can read more about us at

Website - http://southdevonplayers.weebly.com
Twitter - http://twitter.com/sdevonplayers
Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=46022922794&v=info&ref=ts
Livejournal- http://community.livejournal.com/sdp_theatre/profile
Thursday, March 4th, 2010
6:32 pm
Auditions for new historical play in Torbay, Devon, England


 Gentleman Of The Road, is a newly written play about a historical Devon highwayman who operated in the area (and others) in the 1680s and 1690s.
It tells the story of a true life local highwayman, with plenty of action, humour, and thrills.

Shows will be performed in Brixham, as well as in Exeter and other locations as we are able to book, towards the end of the summer.
Actors, actresses, and people who want to help with costumes, effects, and Front of House all needed.

-You need to be aged 16 plus (to the skys the limit). Previous experience is not required, but reliability, enthusiasm, good manners, and willingness to work in a team ARE musts.
- All involved in the show should live locally to Torbay (thats Brixham, Paignton, Torquay, Dartmouth) and be able to attend rehearsals on Wednesdays and some Sundays, in Brixham, in the evenings.

Will take place at Brixhams Royal British Legion Club, Bakers Hill (Off St Marys Square) Brixham, on Wednesday March 31st, 2010 at 7.30pm. All welcome to attend. The audition will involve group readings of sections of the script. You may be asked (for two principal roles, that of the highwayman and his lover, and a minor role, Bella the pickpocket) to sing a folk song as well.

The South Devon Players are a small non-profit community theatre group based in Brixham Devon, England, founded in 2005. As such, roles are not paid, but you do get photos, and DVDs wherever possible.

We rehearse weekly at our local Royal British Legion club, and specialise in newly written plays (by our members) about local history and legends. These plays are performed locally, often in aid of charity, and occasionally outside Torbay as well, in the wider South Devon area.

We pride ourselves on being inclusive, and welcoming anyone who wants to participate in the performing arts. Members need to be aged 16 or over, other than that the only restrictions are that they are reliable, prompt for rehearsals and show set-ups, and that they can work within a team.

Main Website http://southdevonplayers.weebly.com
Livejournal sdp_theatre  
Facebook South Devon Players
Thursday, December 24th, 2009
6:00 pm

Got this on email - posting on in case its of interest

International Competition for Talented Directors

‘Words into action’

What are you doing over Christmas? Want to unwrap your directing future? Well grab a mulled wine and celebrate because this could be your chance…
VibeTV is offering you the chance to create your own 10 minute pilot. The best present you could give to yourself over this festive period. Entering 2010 with a bubbly bang!

VibeTV are collaborating with International writer Walter Quiroz for this dynamic and exciting project. This is a great opportunity for an unknown but talented director to produce a 10 minute pilot. ICTD aims to promote a positive industry and audience exposure for work that would otherwise not be seen.

Each prospective director, will be sent three excerpts from a script and will be asked to choose one section that they believe will best suit a 10 min pilot, and why? And to create your treatment for it. We MUST receive the treatment by 1st March 2010. Therefore, plenty of time needs to be left between submitting your entry form & admin charge and the final deadline. This will ensure that you give yourself enough time to write a treatment.

The overall winner will be announced on 2nd April 2010. The winner will be invited to direct a 10 minute pilot which will be filmed in June/July 2010.

All rules and regulations, along with more information and entry form, are available for download from www.vibetv.tv.  If you have any problems downloading these files, please email editor@vibetv.tv . If the form won't download by clicking the link, please try by right clicking the link and selecting 'save link as', which will save it to your computer and should then open with ease.

So put down your mince pies and get cracking!

Thursday, May 7th, 2009
12:47 pm
Sound designer and music composer
Just opened a BASIEs Official website.

Site about me, my work in film and multimedia industry.
I'm widly opened for international cooperation, creativity and fresh ideas.

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009
11:48 am
Hello Aspiring Stars,

I thought some of you might be interested in this opportunity, or be interested in passing it along to friends.

We are a low budget independent feature film currently casting lead, supporting, and background parts. The film is about high school students who get involved in recreational steroid use. We are interested in working with young adults who can bring their own personalities and natural energy to the part, so formal training or experience are not necessary.

Below you may find a description of the project, and the roles we are casting. There are also a number of small speaking parts, so any interested parties who don't fit one of the lead character descriptions are encouraged to email us anyhow.  The lead and supporting actors will be paid (rate to be determined). We are directing students to send their submissions to juicecasting@gmail.com.

Please note, this film will be shooting in the NY Metropolitan area in Summer 2009, so we are looking for people who can work as locals (so either residents of NY/NJ or people who will not need to be housed during the shoot)


Seeking actors for low budget indy feature film “Juice”

Description of Project: We are a low budget Indy feature about
suburban high school kids abusing steroids, not for sports enhancement
but due to the social pressure of getting jacked up and fighting.

Break Down of Characters

Jack: 18 years old high school student. Typical kid that goes with the
flow. Questions what he knows he shouldn’t do, but gives in a lot to
the pressure of his peers. Must be in shape

Alex: 17 years old. Jack’s Girlfriend. Has a relaxed personality that
matches Jack’s, but is able to think for herself. Attractive
appearance and intelligent.

Scott: 18 years old. Has a sarcastic sense of humor, but overall is a
good friend. Hangs with the boys, but serves more as the voice of
reason a lot of the time. Not in the best shape physically, more like
a huggable teddy bear.

Bobby: 18 years old. Epitome of the word blunt. Radiates the sex
crazed high school kid completely controlled by his hormones. He is
loyal to friends but more because he is a follower. Looking for
someone that is a little heavier but not in bad shape.

Benny K: 18 years old. Is the guy that everyone is friends with. Has
all the hook ups and swears no allegiances to anyone. Must be in good

Degrago: 18 years old. Muscle bound meat head, that only cares about
drinking, hooking up,fighting, and working out. Must be in tremendous

McBain: 18 years old. The right hand man to Degrago. Completely out of
his mind and ready to jump into anything that Degrago gets him
involved in. Must be in great shape

Justin: Good friend of Alex. Quiet but good looking. Finds himself
constantly on the bad side of Jack because of his friendship with Alex.

Project Type: Independent Feature Film
Project Name: Juice
Director: Ben Teplitzky
Project Shoot Date:  Summer 2009 (exact dates TBA)
Location: New York, NY
Tuesday, March 24th, 2009
4:48 pm
"The ABC's of Soaps: All You Need For a Career in Daytime TV" book release party!!!!
I am very pleased to announce that my best-selling book, THE ABC'S OF SOAPS: All You Need for a Career in Daytime TV, is now in its third printing. The book is the only text of its kind that is readily available to both aspiring actors and theatre majors who wish to know all the ins and outs of working in Soaps on Daytime and Primetime Television.

It includes how to interview, audition, and book work as an actor, contract player, writer, and director- all with potentially high six-figure incomes on one or more of the many network daytime TV Dramas. Recognized in the TV industry as "The Manual" on the subject of Daytime TV. Many colleges and universities are now including...THE ABC'S OF SOAPS: All You Need for a Career in Daytime TV as required text for the BFA/MFA Theatre Degree curriculum.

The event includes a reading from the book/ Q&A, followed by a book signing and a special appearance by Ginger Kroll (from "Guiding Light" and the feature film "Notorious")! Please feel free to invite your friends, family, neighbors, whoever!

A short biography of the author (myself) is below:

Gwyn Gilliss, a classically trained theatre actress (Carnegie Mellon and Syracuse Universities) has appeared in over 18 contract and recurring roles on ABC's daytime series, including: All My Children, One Life to Live, Loving and Ryan's Hope, NBC's As the World Turns, and most recently as Edwina Forrester on CBS's Guiding Light.

Come to the event at Drama Bookshop (250 W. 40th St., NYC) on April 10th at 5pm!

Friday, January 16th, 2009
8:19 pm
Open Casting Call For Paramount Pictures Feature Film "Up In The Air"

On Jan. 24 and 25, producers will be recruiting extras for the new movie “Up In the Air,” starring George Clooney, to be filmed around St. Louis in March and April. It is expected that up to 2,100 adults will be chosen. No experience is necessary. Filming begins March 3, 2009.

Joni Tackette, the St. Louis-based casting director, is seeking the following:

People with airport and airline experience. Ticket agents, flight attendants, security screeners, etc.

People with hotel industry experience, especially front desk.

People to portray travelers, including international types.

Men and women to portray corporate / business types.

Full details and the application form to bring to the casting calls can be found on the following website:

Paramount Open Casting Calls
Thursday, January 8th, 2009
10:16 pm
Open Casting Calls For Universal Pictures Feature Film Seeking Young Man 15-17

Universal Pictures is currently having a talent search for a young male McLovin-type to play “Edward,” a high school senior in an upcoming comedy starring Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse was just your average everyday high school kid when he landed the role of McLovin' in the teen comedy Superbad. Now he’s a full-fledged star with hits like Role Models and his upcoming flick "Year One" (alongside Michael Cera and Jack Black).

Fledgling future actors have the chance to live the dream just like Mintz-Plasse. Universal Pictures is holding open casting calls for the role of Edward, an awkward, funny, precocious 17-year-old high school senior. Talent must be available for work in NYC and L.A. from Feb ’09 until mid-June ’09. No prior experience or preparation is necessary.
Sunday, December 21st, 2008
10:16 pm
Want to be in the Grammys!
Hey guys, I work at Filmaka and thought you would be interested in this new competition. Filmaka is funding all the productions and the winners could be shown in part during the Grammy Awards! We have several songs that we've already cleared the rights to, which are posted on the competition page. All you have to do is write a 2 to 5 page pitch telling us the story and look of what your music video would be like. If we select your pitch, we'll give you $7500 to produce and direct your music video. If you have an idea for a great script, but not much directing experience, we can pair you with an experienced director who will bring your pitch to life.

PITCHES ARE DUE BY MIDNIGHT ON JANUARY 2, 2009. Go to Filmaka.com and look for the box about the Lincoln Grammy competition for more information. I hope you'll decide to submit!
Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008
10:13 am
SUBMISSIONS OPEN for DC Shorts Film Festival 2009
Submissions are now open for the 2009 edition of the famed DC Shorts Film Festival! Visit the updated web site at http://dcshorts.com

DC Shorts turns the spotlight on truly independent short films, created by new and established filmmakers in an era when the art of filmmaking is opening to all. We select films from every genre for our competition screenings — with a special focus on films created by metropolitan Washington, DC-based directors and writers. After each screening, filmmakers have the opportunity to speak to the audience as part of a moderated panel.

In 2008, DC Shorts reviewed more than 750 entries from around the globe. We selected 103 short films for screenings at 8 showcases during the competition weekend of September 11-14, 2008, with each show featuring an average of ten short films. Since a major focus of the event is the inclusion of filmmakers, many of the films were represented by the more than 108 filmmakers in attendance from 8 countries. More than 2,600 people attended the screenings.

DC Shorts gives ALL ENTIRES feedback -- a point which impressed MovieMaker Magazine to name us as "one of 20 festivals worth an entry fee," AND as "one of the leading film festivals" in the country.

THE EARLYBIRD DEADLINE IS FEBRUARY 15, 2009.  Submission fees go up after that date -- so enter now and save!

I look forward to seeing your new works!

- Jon Gann
 Festival Director

PS: If you have a film of Asian or European interest, check out the new EuroAsia Shorts Film Festival at http://euroasiashorts.com  Low fees, unique themes, and screenings at embassies and cultural centers throughout Washington DC.
Friday, November 28th, 2008
1:54 pm
Be in my Xmas Collab video
If you're in the LA area and have any Xmas type costumes get in touch with me. Or if you have your own camera and can record a short clip, let me know. Details toward the end of the video and more to come (see below)

for more details on the Xmas video watch for a video coming soon to
Thursday, October 9th, 2008
4:16 pm
Tuesday, September 9th, 2008
12:40 am
Man BItes God Music Video Competition
Thought you guys might be interested in this...

Australian band, Man Bites God, are bribing aspiring film makers with a chance to win AU$500 by making a music video featuring a Man Bites God song of their choice.

“A number of fans have made their own music videos for the band over the last few years and we wanted to recognise their efforts with a competition”, explains the band’s drummer and professional video director Chris Tomkins. “We’re not expecting anything amazingly polished for the $500 prize, we just want to see what great ideas are out there.”

The competition runs until November and is a simple as choosing a Man Bites God song, making a video and uploading to Man Bites God’s YouTube channel in order to be judged in November.

The band are looking for anything from surreal to literal, live-action, machinema, animation or some other technique that hasn’t been invented yet.

Details of the competition are available on the band's website http://www.manbitesgod.com or by watching the video on their youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/manbitesgod.
Saturday, September 6th, 2008
5:11 pm
Inde/Web Filmmakers - Check it out
Round 1 Starts Tomorrow - Short Race is a Weekly competition of local LA based teams and Global Web teams.
You get 100 hrs to create a 3 to 7 minute video based on viewer suggestions.

Short Race is also A LIVE WEB SHOW - every Sunday at 3pm PST teams will receive their video mission live on http://stickam.com/samproof

Find out more Here - teams need to create a team profile
I'm still accepting teams for Round 1

This is all about having fun, being creative and meeting other filmmakers - not entry fees, just good times.

Please contact me at failpire@gmail.com with your questions - Also if you're local to Los Angeles and can be a part of the live event please let me know.
Tuesday, August 26th, 2008
5:59 pm
Collab with film makers in LA or the Globe
Check out these new projects I've started.

If you're an actor with you own camera or web cam you can find casting calls online for videos to be in on sites like youtube, live video etc... get exsposure and grow your online audience, while having fun with fellow film makers and fans!





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